Saturday, April 23, 2011

dispatch from ground control

I'm still about a week behind here, but since I'm functioning that way in real life too you're not missing out. Aaron and I got to see Win Win last weekend. Some friends asked us how it was and I had just opened my mouth to answer when Aaron jumped in, "She doesn't get out much and is overanalyzing it but it's a good movie and we liked it." Right, then. It was not the first time I'd been asked.


There's a fantastic new playground near Ithaca that we had to check out. All the playgrounds in Rochester subscribe to the same boring playground design aesthetic, so we love different ones.

We, uh, never got tired of this game.


Maybe we should all get out more.


I did get to get out to Philadelphia, briefly, and the drive home was harrowing. It was during all those storms and tornadoes and floods and plagues and whatnot. The minivan felt like I was driving a barn, with a huge surface area for the wind. The rain with the wind was so crazy I almost pulled over in Scranton for the night, but that didn't seem like the greatest idea either for some reason. Luckily Aaron has an app to track my phone and followed along the whole way remotely. Sometimes he sends me creepy texts like, "How's the intersection of Clinton and Elmwood, on the south side of the light?" Don't you wish you were married to Aaron? Maybe someday.


Bryn said...

Wow, stalker app! So not just Apple knows where you are at all times!

And where is that lovely playground "near Ithaca"? Are you protecting its anonymity?

bleisenblog said...

Yes, it's a secret location that cannot be revealed (Myers Park in Lansing)

The app is actually quite helpful, since it can locate your phone or ipad even when it's off (this seems to come up for us reasonably often), and lock it out remotely if it's lost of stolen. The stalking is just a bonus.

Sarah said...

Love the Myers Park photos--great seeing you all!

bleisenblog said...

yes, great to see you too!