Sunday, April 03, 2011

get your child care, right here

I have, since the steady decline of my "responsibilities" at "work," been doing thrilling things like getting the washer (and dryer!) serviced, cleaning the gutters, organizing the attic, monitoring the stove to make sure heated water boils in due time, and trying to write a review paper that I've been working on off (mostly) and on (riiiight) for at least three years. Aaron is usually in charge of holding down the couch, so at least I don't have to do that. He and Dylan got so bored from their very proximity to me that they took off for California for FIVE DAYS. I hear it's lovely, this time of year.

Meanwhile, I did what anyone would do when left alone with Ollie: fled home to Mommy and Daddy. That only worked for like a day and a half though, so now it's up to me.

Oh hello, Mother.
Dylan is responsible for 80% of the Ollie-care around here, so much of this was new to me. I put him in his crate so he would feel more secure, like the book said.He quickly escaped and destroyed several socks, wearing an expression that, I think you'll agree, can only be described as maniacal.
Then he radioed for help, but luckily the other toddlers don't understand Morse code yet.He can be distracted with food, especially when served via Heavy Machinery Utensil.

When we got home he went right about his business, which today included: ensuring the ongoing destruction of my ear drums,
moving the entire contents of the recycling bin into Snuffy's food container, and
[Snuffy would like to take this opportunity to express solidarity with the little fat one that always has food stuck on its person.]

doing a little reprogramming of the printer/copier/fax/scanner.

He's down for the night now, although he's been putting up quite a fight for the last couple weeks. But I have triumphed for the moment!

Peek-a-boo! Mother.

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